Traditional Warranty Program

For those home inspectors who do not wish to take advantage of the eWarranty program option or ADT Free warranty option, AHW also offers our Traditional limited warranty program option.

Advantages for the home inspector & clients include:

  • An affordable addition to your package of professional home inspection services
  • Enhanced value to your clients whom you provide with a limited home warranty including specific coverage for mechanical and structural components
  • Unique "gap" coverage from the time of the inspection that complements rather than competes with warranties offered through referring real estate professionals
  • Provides a great way to differentiate your inspection business from the local competition -- a great closer! Simple pricing options:
    • Limited warranties if pre-purchased in amounts of $300.00 or more are $13.95 each.
    • Limited warranties if purchased singly are $13.95 each.

If you have any questions about our limited warranty program options, please contact us at or 1-800-404-5479. Thank you for your time & interest.