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Approximately 80% of today's buyers prefer to have a home inspection that includes some form of warranty coverage prior to closing. As a real estate professional, we’re sure that you know the value of including a warranty with a home inspection in this transaction.

How Our Warranty Benefits You

  • Our limited home warranty complements, rather than competes, with traditional long-term warranties
  • The 90 day limited warranty provides coverage for mechanical and structural problems that were missed in the inspection report, or that may occur during the coverage period
  • Our claimants are responsible for finding their own licensed technicians to repair or replace the failing system or component. This is beneficial because homeowners can choose the professionals that best serve their needs.
  • Referring agents can show that they have their clients' best interests in mind by recommending a professional inspector who offers free limited warranty coverage with every inspection he performs

You want the best home inspector for your client because unforeseen issues can come back to you if a home warranty isn't provided. Our warranty covers the home inspector and yourself. Together, the agent and inspector can work to help clients have the best possible buying experience.


A: Real estate is all about networking. By working with and recommending our home inspectors, you are marketing yourself as an agent who values their clients time and peace of mind. You can use our warranties as a selling point and sit back as they earn you lifelong clients!


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