Inspector Program

We have developed and maintained our Inspector Program to make it easy for you to run your business and provide your clients with our warranties for almost 20 years.

Program overview

Many new homeowners say they prefer a limited home warranty to be included in their home inspection. That’s why our limited home warranty is such an incredible benefit. We add value to the home inspection process while also providing peace of mind for you and your clients.

By becoming a member of our Inspector Program, you are setting your business up for long term success and customer satisfaction. We handle all the hard work, all you need to do is provide us with your after-inspection paperwork and our team will take it from there. No stress or hassle, we do the work for you!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity, join American Home Warranty Company today!

How it works

Are you interested in becoming a member of our Inspector Program? If so, the process is easy.

  1. Sign up online
  2. Log into your inspector portal to submit warranty information and payment whenever you do a home inspection.
  3. All done - it’s that easy!

You don’t have to worry about the details of warranty coverage. When you present your clients with the inspection report and limited warranty, you will direct them to our detailed one page warranty forum.

In the event an issue arises, they contact us to file a claim. Our staff will work with the clients and keep you informed throughout the process. Should we need information from you, we’ll reach out as necessary. Otherwise, you can go about business as usual.

Major credit cards are accepted for payment. Additional information about fee amounts and plans, limited warranty forms, available marketing support materials, etc, is available at custserv@ahomewarranty.com or 1-800-404-5479.

Benefits to the inspector

An affordable addition to your package of professional services: By providing limited warranties as an additional service to your customers, you are putting your business above the competition. You offer something the majority of other home inspectors don’t and that is additional peace of mind to homeowners.

Enhanced value for your clients: Customers will value your business more if you provide them with a limited warranty that includes mechanical and structural coverage. They will see that you have their best interest in mind and want them to feel supported if something goes wrong in their new home.

Coverage if something goes wrong: It happens – sometimes people move into their homes and issues arise. You don’t want that to fall back into your hands, so we take care of it for you. If you include our 90 day limited warranty with your home inspection report, we take care of the claims process from start to finish. We will communicate with the homeowner and only involve you if additional information is necessary. You’ll be able to focus on business while we take care of our clients.

Examples of Claim Payouts

AHWC has paid plenty of claims over the years. If you’re interested in seeing a few of our standard claims and how we’ve paid them out, click here.  


A: If you are ready to join our team, click here for a link to our automated inspector sign-up feature. If you would like more information first, please call us at 1-800-404-5479 or send us an email to custserv@ahomewarranty.com for further details about the available limited warranty products and programs.

A: You can pay for limited warranties through our convenient and secure shopping cart, accessed through your inspector portal. Payment can be made according to your pricing option or by selecting your total amount available if you have pre-paid.

A: While we prefer that you report and pay your warranty activity immediately, we will accept limited warranty submissions up to 14 days past the date of issue. We believe in our warranty and we want you to do the same. Therefore, reporting as soon as possible is best.

Please note: we must receive inspection/warranty data and payment BEFORE we receive notice of a homeowners claim in order for AHW to provide coverage.

A: The use of the limited warranty provides a marketing advantage for the inspector in the following ways:

  • Group and individual presentations at real estate offices: By offering limited warranties to local real estate professionals, you are networking your business to potential clients and setting yourself above your competition.
  • Telephone discussions with prospective clients: When connecting with prospective clients on the telephone, you can use the limited warranty as a selling point for your services.
  • The inspection itself: When conducting an inspection with the buyer, seller, and/or agents, you can offer the limited warranty as an additional service. This builds your business and leads to happier customers.
  • Print and electronic advertising: Limited warranties can be selling points in your print and electronic advertising. Make sure to mention them on your websites, business cards, newspaper ads, etc.

A: We currently provide the following items to help you market the limited warranty program:

  • The AHW logo, to be used for your print/electronic materials, website and even on your company vehicles.
  • Marketing material PDFs that are specifically designed for you and your business.
  • Video marketing 

To find our marketing materials, please see our resources page.

A: We feel it is best to present the limited warranty in person at the time of the inspection. By doing so, you are not only informing your customers of the benefits of the limited warranty coverage, you are setting yourself up for potential future business from the seller and any real estate agents who may be present.

If the buyer is not present, you can include a copy of the limited warranty with the home inspection report. This may be done physically or electronically as an attachment.

Suggested language when presenting the limited warranty: " My Inspection Service includes a 90-Day (or 120-Day) Limited Warranty from American Home Warranty as part of my package of professional services. If an issue arises that you feel may be covered, please let me know or reach out to American Home Warranty for further details.”

A: The document itself is clear and concise. When presenting it to your customers, be sure to review the document in its entirely and point out that the limited warranty contains both mechanical and structural components, with certain exclusions and maximum amounts payable. If they have additional questions or concerns, or you’re not sure how to answer them, please direct them to us and we can assist them further.


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