A limited warranty is not only beneficial but essential when a full warranty isn’t an option.

Along with our trusted home inspection partners, we want to provide you with additional protection and peace of mind during the home buying process. With our Limited Home Warranty, you get that and more. It costs you nothing and proves that your home inspector has your best interests in mind. They are working for you, not the sellers!

What is a Limited Warranty?

AHWC provides limited warranties. These warranties are not meant to replace full coverage warranties. Instead, they are meant to provide coverage for certain components within a home’s foundation. The value of our warranty is seen when an inspector might have missed an issue during inspection.

Our warranty has no service contract or cost to the homeowner. We are able to lend a hand to the homeowner by selling a low cost warranty to inspectors, which does include a maximum payout limit.

How Do You Purchase a Warranty?

Contact us to help find an inspector who carries our limited home warranty in your area!

The process is simple. To receive a Limited Home Warranty, prior to your home inspection, confirm the home inspector you have chosen carries our warranty in addition to the services they provide.  You don’t have to do anything else. You will receive your limited home warranty shortly after the completed home inspection, either by email or directly from American Home Warranty Company. There is no payment necessary for you as a homeowner.

Don’t complete the home buying process without us.

Protect your investment with our free Limited Home Warranty today!


File a Claim

If you are a homeowner and would like to file a claim under our 90 day limited warranty, click here for details

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A: Full coverage warranties typically cover a broad range of necessary components within a home. A limited warranty, on the other hand, will only cover certain components with maximum limits for recompensation depending on the severity of the claim.

Most warranties are provided by inspectors who belong to one of two inspection groups - ASHI and NACHI. These inspectors follow a specific standard of practice when providing warranties. This standard guides them through the inspection and helps them make sure that they are providing a full, in-depth report that the clients can use to determine if they would like to move forward with purchase.

We Value Your Feedback!

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