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Inspector Program

Thinking about joining the team? That’s great! Without inspectors like you, our business would not be thriving the way it is today. To learn more about our inspector program and benefits, click here.

Real Estate Professionals

Real estate is all about who you know. Are you looking to expand your real estate network with inspectors who offer a warranty? Click here for information regarding how we can help you.


Are you a homeowner that is looking for information regarding your limited home warranty? Click here for details or contact us today.

Why American Home Warranty Company?

What makes AHWC stand out against the rest?

Added protection

Your home inspector always has your best interest in mind, that's a part of the job! When your home inspector provides you the limited warranty with your home inspection, it gives the extra comfort you need when moving into a new home. With AHWC, you’ll know that you’re covered if certain issues pop up after you purchase your home.

Exceptional customer service

Buying a new home is stressful enough, you don’t need to worry about warranty coverage too! AHWC is here for you! We take the extra time to explain our products and services and answer any questions our customers have.

If you have questions regarding our warranties or our coverage, all you have to do is call. Our support team will answer all of your questions so you feel confident in your limited warranty.